Artifacts of this project are now available for purchase! All are one-of-a-kind and original. (To see how this whole process works, click here to be taken to an explanation.)

Things Currently For Sale

My Broken Glasses

I broke my glasses in the first week of this project. The hinge on the side of the glasses is smashed and can't be replaced (yes, I checked). The glasses are black plastic that are red on the inside. Lenses are scratched. I've had them since 2001.


Lottery Tickets

I'm playing the lottery every week during this project. I have lost every time, except for once when I won $4, and when I won $10 US on a ticket I bought in the diner where they filmed some of Million Dollar Baby. Coincidence?

Anyway, I have each categorized according to week. You can specify a week and if I still have it you can buy it, or you can just let me choose one at my discretion.

PRICE: $300 CDN each

Original Film Footage

I have a LOT of footage so far. If you want to buy a tape containing something specific, let me know what it is and I'll find it for you (if the event you're after is contained on more than one tape you can buy both or choose just one). If you don't care which you get, then I'll just send you a good one.


FIRST EVER Concept Sketches for My Million Dollar Year

In mid-December 2004 I went for a beer with my friend Steve because I wanted his thoughts on this crazy idea I had for making a million bucks in a year. He thought it was great and we started planning immediately. As cliche as it is I didn't have a notebook or anything with me so the first draft of the site and the first bunch of moneymaking ideas were fleshed out on this napkin. I love this artifact, it's absolutely the only one like it.

PRICE: $1000 CDN

Virgin Wristband

On March 2 2005 I managed to weasel my way onto the guest list for the launch party for Virgin Mobile in Canada. Richard Branson was there AND I MET HIM OH YES I DID. This is the wristband I got at the door. One of a kind!


Uncut Stickers

I got a thousand stickers for ultra cheap. They came on a roll. You can have the last 32 in a continous uncut strip. Includes cardboard core.


Map of Hollywood

The well loved and extremely well used map of Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Malibu that I used to deliver the yellow letters to celebrities. Extensively notated and drawn upon, was used daily for strategizing and making itineraries. Includes hearts drawn around James Spader's name because Tanya has loved him since Pretty In Pink. Portion of the map got ripped off when it was closed in a car door, but was recovered and it will be included.


Jeopardy! Pen

I tried out for Jeopardy! when I was in Los Angeles. Unfortunately nearly everyone failed the test, including me. But I got this spiffy pen! It also was the pen I used to write the infamous Yellow Letters to celebrities. ONE ONLY!!


Lemonade Cup

I have eight commemorative cups left over from the lemonade stand. You can buy them one at a time, or buy the whole bunch to class up your china setting for eight at your next dinner party. Each one holds a lot of lemonade (not included).

PRICE: $150 CDN each

How This All Works

Oh trial and error, how I loathe you. Ebay keeps axing my listings, and quite frankly I'm tired of paying them to list things so they can axe it soon after. So. Here's how I'm selling things. If you have something to say or have questions, I'm more than open to that. Email me and we'll talk.

So here's the deal: