Dear Conan O’Brien.

Couple of ideas tonight, one mine and one second hand. The one that’s mine I can’t bust out yet or you’ll go and start selling what I’m going to sell before I get up tomorrow. I know you people!

The other one was passed on to me by someone named Vanessa who happened by the site. She suggested that I get people to let a late night show know how much they love this project and how cool it is, so they’ll have me on.

And so I’m doing just that.

Because hell, I’ve had an average of about 4,500 people A DAY at this site, and everyone keeps telling me how cool and great this project is. Well don’t tell me! Tell Conan O’Brien!

Email Late Night With Conan O’Brien at Tired of lame guest lists? Tired of watching J-Lo describe what she ate on the set of some stupid movie? Want to feel like you have a hand in TV programming? Then be part of the clout!

Email Conan and tell him that you think this project is great, and that I belong on his show because it fits with his wacky out there programming. I wrote to Leno to no avail, so Conan, you’re up next!

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